Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baby Bevill #2

For all you who don't know we are welcoming our second baby into the world this January. I am currently 21 weeks pregnant. This will serve as my 5 month picture, since that is where I started doing pictures when Julia was in my belly. Please don't compare though, pretty sure I'm a bit... bigger this time around.  More to come soon!

Playing Catch Up

I am trying to get better about posting again... I have been MIA since Clearwater. Enjoy the new photo and there will be more to come!  This was Jared's Sailor of the Quarter dinner, I got to be a Coast Guard wife for once...lol

Texas Cousins

Julia was very excited to get to see her cousins!  Lots of fun in just a few days is just how we do it, we miss all the noise already.