Friday, March 29, 2013

New House

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For thoes of you who don't know we are moving to Mobile Alabama this summer.  The Coast Guard has brought us right back to where we were 2 years ago, and I will add where Jared and I met and where Julia was born...  I will be stationed at the Aviation Training Center medical clinic in Mobile and Jared will be at Station Dauphin Island.  Julia will be attending Life's Church of Mobile Child Care Center, which is located one street over from my clinic. We have been looking for a house to buy in Mobile, we made a trip to see some that we had picked out from the computer.  We found a house that suits us perfectly!  Here is the first picture of many to come...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

First Family Bike Ride

We decided to get some bikes, and start being more active. I was really excited about getting bikes, and exercising again and together. BUT I was a bit hesitant at first about getting a helmet, but Jared told me he didn't want to be the one to make the final decision when I get a brain injury on when to pull the plug on me.... so i agreed to get the helmet and wear it to set a good example for my daughter. Besides I'm 30 now, who am I trying to look cool for?  Last time I wore a helmet I was in 5th grade.................

When the helmet thing first became popular in our town I was in 5th grade and had just attended the bike rodeo at Garfield School.  My Mom made me get a helmet, I'm not sure why.... guess so she wasn't the only Mom not making her kids wear them. So none of my other friend had to wear them either before this.  I was dating a boy named Eric Kutchery and everyone referred him at "helmet" because he always had to wear one while we grew up.  As you can see I have deep rooted issues with this... My Mom took me and my little sister out and got us plain white helmets, she told us we could pick out stickers to decorate them. I guess this was to make the whole idea cool. I picked "BUGS" like not Bugs Bunny, like crawling in nature bugs! The first day that I went to ride my bike with my new helmet, I decided it wasn't for me and hid it in the bushes. After that I decided I just wouldn't ride my bike if I had to wear it.  True story.

Potty Time

Just like her Daddy.... Julia likes to play solitaire while she uses the restroom. She tells me to leave her alone so she can play her game and push the buttons!

Going Out

This was the outfit that Julia was going to wear when we were in Texas, Emma has one that just about matches. Hope this works for the side by side Grammie.

Princess Cowgirl Julia

We had Julia convinced that she was a cowgirl, until they started showing a cartoon at daycare with princesses in it. Now she wants to be a princess and wear princess dresses, and dance and twirl.... So we still tell her she is a cowgirl, but let her wear her princess dress.  Her favorite thing to do still is to play in the dirt so I think the princess deal is just a phase.


Julia has a slight obsession with bubbles, we have gone through 3 bubble machines already!  Beats blowing bubbles the old way...